Welcome to the blog of Peter Dacko and Media Realty. I'm glad you're here. I hope you'll take some time to explore. I use this blog as a place to share information, tips, and ideas gleaned from my long experience in commercial real estate in the south Florida area.

In this blog, you'll find property management resources, Broward County real estate news, as well as Broward County commercial research and cops to inform your commercial property search.

If you're concerned about the pandemic's effects on your tenants and investments, then check out my "Survival Guides" - short articles meant to provide property management resources and ideas to ease you through these unprecedented times.

If you're wondering how your investment property measures up or are considering buying or selling check out my research lab - a collection of articles providing recent comps and rent rates for types of commercial investment properties.

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Small Business is Big Business

Request a PTM When Choosing a Broker

Make the Informed Choice - Request a PTM Before you Hire a Broker Before entering a new relationship with a broker for your commercial investment property, it is essential that ...
Covid 19 Survival - Rent Deferment

Covid 19 Survival – Rent Deferment

As property owners we are still responsible for providing rental housing or commercial space consistent with our lease agreements. Currently, I am not aware of any relief being provided by ...
Southeast Florida Real Estate

Sellers Special – Southeast Florida Real Estate

Access Peter Dacko's Proprietary Commercial Property Seller's Platform If you're buying, selling, or considering selling Southeast Florida real estate, we have a special offer that may fit your needs. Peter ...
Why I Invest $4000 in Every Listing

Why I Invest $4000 in Every Listing

Out of Hundreds of South Florida Realtors - Only 1 Invents Thousands of Dollars in Your Property Before Bringing it to Market. That South Florida realtor is me, Peter Dacko. Greetings, ...
Covid 19 Real Estate Survival - Don't Change Plans

Covid 19 Real Estate Survival – Don’t Change Plans

Covid 19, Real Estate, and Your Plans Don't Let Corona Virus Slow You Down You may be surprised to learn that real estate deals are still under way, even in ...
Small Business is Big Business

Small Business is Big Business

Give consideration to Media Realty & Peter Dacko when deciding who to hire. When it comes to commercial real estate in Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Dania Beach, Oakland Park, Cooper City ...
Hotel Motel Research Hollywood Beach

Hollywood, Florida Hotel/Motel Research

Hollywood Florida hotels for Sale In this article we'll discuss the unique opportunity to own a Hollywood area hotel or motel. I've taken a look at Hollywood Florida hotels for ...
Davie School

Commercial Real Estate Davie Florida – Land

Davie Land Comparable Sales This post is about commercial real estate in Davie, Florida. I'll be focusing on land and its importance in Broward county as the county is facing ...
South Florida Region - Market Analysis

South Florida Region – Market Analysis

General market considerations for Purchasing Miami Dade, Palm Beach, or Broward county property. In this post, we'll be exploring the South Florida Market at large, with a special emphasis on ...
Covid 19 Survival - Assess Your Asset

Covid 19 Survival – Assess Your Asset

Corona Virus and Real Estate - What's the Best Course of Action for Your Investment? I think we can all agree, we didn’t see this coming. Just a short time ...
Covid 19 Survival - Your Four-Step Guide

Covid 19 Survival – Your Four-Step Guide

Covid-19 Real Estate: Survival for Mid Core Multi-Family Residential Property Owners Let's talk about Covid-19 and real estate investments. While we know that everyone has been impacted by this virus, ...
Covid 19 Survival - Affects on Real Estate

Covid 19 Survival – Affects on Real Estate

Covid Pandemic Impact to Real Estate Investment Owners and What You Should Do Next Let me begin by saying we're all in this together. Like you, Elizabeth (my wife) and ...