Why I Invest $4000 in Every Listing

Why I Invest $4000 in Every Listing

Out of Hundreds of South Florida Realtors - Only 1 Invents Thousands of Dollars in Your Property Before Bringing it to Market.

That South Florida realtor is me, Peter Dacko. Greetings, it's nice to meet you! There are hundreds of South Florida realtors as the area has such a dynamic and in-demand market. However, not all of them are experienced in bringing value to commercial properties, and few of them bring the high level of research to their work that I do. Let me tell you why I invest so much money and time into Every Single Property that comes across my desk.

You see, I specialize in creating value for your investment property, no matter the circumstances. Each property has strengths and weaknesses. By drawing on my 25 years of experience, I'm able to take account of hundreds of details to assist me in mitigating any weaknesses in the property while highlighting its strengths.

At every step of the way, I'm forensically detailing any factors that affect the valuation of your home. By the time I bring your property to market, I want to have in hand every single relevant detail that could affect its sale. Here's the process I go through before I bring your property to market.

I visit the subject property to understand how it reflects value. This is where I determine its strengths and weaknesses. - $400 Investment

I determine if the subject property’s rents are at, above, or below market value. Income properties are sold in large part based on their potential gross income. Knowing this will determine how to best present the investment opportunity to the market. - $400 Investment

I conduct a complete assessment of all similar properties that have sold, are under contract, or are on market within the subject property’s neighborhood. The following key metrics are itemized for each of the properties in question: a) Days on Market, b) Price per Unit, c) Price per Square Foot, c) Capitalization Rate, d) Unit Breakdown, and e) Gross Rent Multiplier- $800 Investment

I underwrite the subject property’s income and expenses. At this point, I'll address similar items, not in line with industry standards.- $400 Investment

I create the proposal to market. This report includes market data in an easy-to-read and understandable format which reconciles with a suggested list and estimated close of escrow price. - $800 Investment

Most of the South Florida realtors I know don't have quite the marketing range my firm does. This huge marketing audience allows me to zero in on the best fit of a purchaser of your unique property. I dive deep into my audience to identify the most probable purchasers. - $1200 Investment

This kind of deep knowledge of the property and its positioning in the market can create ample additional value at the point of sale. Don't work with anyone who would handle your investment any other way.