Sellers Special - Southeast Florida Real Estate

Sellers Special - Southeast Florida Real Estate

Access Peter Dacko's Proprietary Commercial Property Seller's Platform

If you're buying, selling, or considering selling Southeast Florida real estate, we have a special offer that may fit your needs. Peter Dacko is a specialist in Southeast Florida real estate, particularly "Middle Core" real estate - multi-family investment properties of 2-50 units, and other small-to-medium commercial investment properties. This unique focus within the world of southeast Florida real estate allows him to connect buyers and sellers quickly and profitably.

Call now to receive your promotion which will keep more money in your pocket when selling with Media Realty and Peter Dacko. Peter has the experience, track record and investor relationships to broker your property at top value. 

Today, you have the opportunity to call and take advantage to his proprietary seller's platform which enables his clients to achieve the highest net returns. Leverage off of Peter's distribution lists and marketing expertise to provide unparalleled exposure for your property.

It starts with a simple no-obligation phone call.

Peter focuses on building long-term relationships, and among Southeast Florida real estate brokers, he's focused exclusively on the needs of Middle Core real estate owners. He'd love to help you.

Peter will submit a proposal which reconciles all facets of value and delivers the best information. This will allow you to make the best decision for your situation at no cost and without risk.

Please ask about the $1000 Money-Back Guarantee that I offer if you're not satisfied with my performance.*

*conditions apply