Small Business is Big Business

Small Business is Big Business

Give consideration to Media Realty & Peter Dacko when deciding who to hire.

- Reason #13 -

Nearly 75% of all multifamily housing inventory would be categorized as small or mid-cap properties which we have branded Middle Core Residential Apartments Buildings

Are you a Mid Core apartment owner? An owner of Mid Core Investment is a non-institutional, Class “B” or “C” multifamily property owner with between 2-20 units.

If you are, please note I specialize in brokering Mid Core Investments and I have proven time and time again, that I facilitate the best net gain when selling the properties too small for the big guys (national commercial real estate businesses firms) and too big for the little guys that sell homes and condos.

I have years of experience working with properties like yours, and I would be happy to assist you.