What's My Commercial Property Valued At

How Does My Commercial Property Currently Reflect Value?

One of the pillars of Media Realty & Advisors is providing property owners essential valuation services. It's our mission to give you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Submit the form below to request a free and in-depth valuation report for your commercial investment property. This report includes the following:

Competitive Analysis

We begin by assessing your property's characteristics to determine how it competes in the market. We compare its amenities and features to those of the competition.

Comparable Sales Grid

We dive into market information for comparable sales across active, pending and, sold properties in the area. Next, comparable sales are segmented and analyzed to provide key metrics such as price-per-square-foot and capitalization rate.

Lease Analysis

We obtain market rental data to determine if the subject rents are at, above, or below market value. This way, you know if you're leaving money on the table or if your asset is performing well.

Income and Expenses

We'll ask for your average income and expenses. These will be carefully are reviewed and underwritten using industry and product-type guidelines.

Reconciling Value

After we've forensically reviewed the details, the last step is to reconcile the value. We'll provide the asset with a high-probability valuation of estimated market value.

Looking Forward

If you're planning to utilize this report to make a decision regarding the disposition of your asset, please note that apprisers tend to look backwards in time to assess value. Meanwhile, as a broker I know to look forward in time to best establish value.

Make the Decision that's Right for You.

Media Realty will be here for you when the time is right to make a disposition of your asset. Whether that time is now or in the future.

When we send you an up-to-date property value report, we'll include a custom marketing plan. This plan will be created to achieve maximum return utilizing the property value report and proposal to market as its foundation.

Why Do We Offer this Service for No Cost or Obligation?

Simply put, if we're not in service, we're not in business.

Make the Informed Decision

The Valuation report and the accompanying Proposal to Market provides the very best market data as it relates to your commercial investment property. This up-to-date market data allows to make the most educated decision regarding your best interests.

Let Us Be of Service to You with No Obligation

We welcome the opportunity to be critiqued based upon our service. We provide easy exit listing agreements and variable brokerage fee percentages making Media Realty the most unique and trusted brokerage firm for "mid core" commercial assets. 


Our Client's Experience

Media Realty's track record speaks for itself.

I would like to thank Peter Dacko for a job well done.

Peter came to me after the expiration of my flex warehouse in Miami after the property was on the market for 6 months. During which time there was only 1 or 2 showings and no offers.

Peter was able to create a fresh perspective for my property including an awesome offering memorandum including market trends and conditions as well as comparable rent and sales analysis.

Much to Peter’s credit he sold the property to the 1st person who viewed it within 7 days after going live with the listing. The property closed within 30 days without any incident...


Peter was very instrumental bringing the market to us and ultimately selling our property.

His professionalism, knowledge, negotiating skills and patience allowed us to capitalize on an offer which yielded an exceptional net return".

In closing if your contemplating the disposition of your property I know Peter Dacko and his team will provide you wit

Peter provided a proposal to market which gave us a baseline in terms of pricing in our properties. This was instrumental in allowing us to make a good decision.

Within less than 2 weeks Peter brought us two offers - both of which were all cash and had no inspection periods...


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