What's Middle Core Real Estate?

What's Middle Core Real Estate?

Multi-Family Investment Property Owner? I'm Your Advocate.

I Work with Middle Core Commercial Real Estate in Broward County Florida, but What Does "Middle Core" Mean?

If you're reading this, you may be considering your investment in commercial real estate in Broward County Florida, or the surrounding counties. Perhaps you have a multi-family investment property somewhere in the South Florida metro area... maybe you own a few of these properties. Congratulations, you own "Middle Core" real estate!

Nearly 75% of all multifamily housing inventory would be categorized as small or mid-cap properties. At our firm, we have branded these types of properties "Middle Core." By Middle Core, we mean residential apartments of 2-50 units.

These types of properties are growing exponentially. Did you know that Class “C” apartment building’s occupancy and rent growth now outpace luxury Class “A” rent growth?

Are you a Middle Core apartment owner?  An owner of non-institutional Class “B” or “C” multifamily properties with between 2-50 units?

If you are, note we specialize in brokering Middle Core Investments. We've proven time and time again that we will facilitate for our clients the best net gain when selling their property. Our exclusive focus is on commercial real estate in Broward County, Florida, and the neighboring counties. The vast majority of our work year after year is in creating value for the owners of Middle Core real estate.

At Media Realty, even your smallest investment property is BIG.

  • We Broker small income properties with Big Marketing Campaigns and Techniques
  • Your small income property is Big to our business plan
  • We utilize multiple data points to allow our clients to make Big and educated decisions regarding their best interest.
  • We facilitate Big net returns for our sellers