Fort Lauderdale Las Olas Isles Multi-Family Data

Fort Lauderdale Las Olas Isles Multi-Family Data

Las Olas Waterfront Apartments

Built upon long, narrow islands, the layout of Nurmi, Las Olas Isles ensures that every resident lives on waterfront property. The island setting provides folks with a degree of seclusion and tranquility that you might not expect, being so close to a major city center and tourist destination.  This area is comprised of well-maintained apartment buildings, multi-million-dollar single family estates and townhouses  Las Olas Boulevard is the quickest way to reach the ocean, bringing you straight to the beaches, fishing, and nightlife that have made Fort Lauderdale famous worldwide. The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale shopping center is just a few minutes to the north, and the dining, arts, and entertainment of downtown Fort Lauderdale can be reached on foot in no time at all.

Rent Survey for Las Olas Isles and Surrounding Area

The following are rent surveys for waterfront apartments apartments for the Las Olas finger isles. We invite you to utilize the rent surveys provided below in researching your investment property or a prospective purchase.

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Lease Analysis



Sale Grids

A comparable sale is property that is similar to the subject property in most respects. It is located in a nearby location. It has recently sold for a fair market value. The selection of comparable sales is in most analysis is the single most determining factor in establishing the value. The responsibility is to fully research the local real estate market and determine which comparable sales represent the best value characteristics of the subject property.

The market or direct sales comparison approach is a strategy to estimate the of value of a property. In this approach we undertake a process of comparing market data - that is, prices paid for similar properties, prices asked by owners, and offers made by prospective buyers or the tenants willing to buy or lease.

Typically a comparison grid is used and adjustments are made to each comparable sale used for major differences between the comparable and the subject property. These adjustments are made for factors like location, construction quality, and significant amenities. In this approach (the market/direct sales approach) attempts are made to both gauge and reflect the anticipated reaction by a typical purchaser to the subject property. 




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