I would like to share my gratitude by offering up this letter of recommendation for Peter Dacko.

To begin please note Peter was a consummate professional as he would always touch base with us every 3 months with regards to market conditions and our property. After years of taking Peter’s calls as well as every other broker in the community we awarded Peter the opportunity to broker our property.

Peter was very instrumental bringing the market to us and ultimately selling our property.

His professionalism, knowledge, negotiating skills and patience allowed us to capitalize on an offer which yielded an exceptional net return".

In closing if your contemplating the disposition of your property I know Peter Dacko and his team will provide you with the very best market data, work ethic and best business practices which will ultimately allow you to net the best return as we did.

Byron Davalos review of Media Realty and Peter Dako commercial realty brokers in Hallandale Florida