Congratulations Peter Dacko

What you are able to do for me was nothing short of spectacular. Given the fact that my property was unique unto the marketplace you are able to 1st evaluate my property which allowed us to price the property at the top of the market while not losing credibility because the value is overreaching.

You then provided me with an estimated close of escrow. In essence you gave me the ceiling (list price) and the floor (sale price) of which you are right on the mark.

In terms of marketing the property, you are diligent in showing the property and delivering not one but multiple offers each playing off the other in terms of price and business terms.

You are able to work with the appraiser and help him complete his assignment of providing a valuation for the subject property. Although the appraised value was a few thousand dollars shy of contract price you are able to negotiate the difference to my advantage.

Peter, if anyone is looking for reference please feel free to use this letter as third-party evidence. You are able to set a plan into motion and flawlessly execute the plan which provided me cutting edge retail value.

Thank you again and all the best to you and your staff.

Tod Williams testimonial for Peter Dako, Broker of commercial real estate in Broward County Fl