To whom it may concern:

I would like to express my gratitude to Peter Dacko for a job well done in brokering my apartment building consisting of 8 condominium units which were owned by five investors. Peter took the initiative to provide us with a proposal to market which set the listing price and gave us an estimated close of escrow.

During the process we found two of the units were not legitimate and we had an open code violation which dated back to 2006. Through Peter’s professionalism, he was able to explain the issue of the units to the purchaser in a manner that allowed the transaction to move forward under full disclosure. Peter was also effective in closing out the code violations with the city of Hollywood.

Lastly, due to the age of the building, 1929, Peter was able to mitigate the inspection reports and negotiate an acceptable credit to the purchasers with the caveat that the purchasers were accepting the property and as is condition and all deposits were hard except for clear title.

If you are in need of a real estate professional I would encourage you to consider Media Realty and Peter Dacko. I believe there are not to many agents that had the skill set to close out our transaction as Peter did.

Fernando Cajale review for Peter Dako, Broker of commercial real estate in Broward County Florida

Fernando Cajale 1544 Jefferson St, Hollywood Built in 1929 8 Condo Units with 5 Owners