Helping Seniors Help Themselves

Helping Seniors Help Themselves

Our Neighbors are Seeking Senior Apartments in Fort Lauderdale - Let's Help Them Out. 

Are you a landlord willing to help a senior by offering sSenior apartments in Fort Lauderdale, Fl at an affordable rate?

As you know, Florida is a dream retirement destination for many, but sadly, not all seniors living here are living a life like a dream. Many seniors in our community are barely making ends meet with their pension or social security checks, and some are still forced to work.

Every day we receive calls from aging seniors who can no longer afford their rent and are seeking help with more affordable housing so they can still be able to feed and clothe themselves. 

We decided to take action.

Here at Media Realty we are developing a reduced rent-to-live strategy for select seniors. We're helping by sourcing senior apartments in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and the surrounding towns. We're matching these responsible, trustworthy tenants with affordable rental units through our network of apartment owners. We have qualified applicants with current background checks to ensure they are the best candidates for our program.

How can you help seniors in Broward County?

If you have a unit that can be rented at an affordable price and you are willing to contribute to this important cause, please contact us to discuss the placement of an independent senior who needs your help. There will be no brokerage fees on our part, whatsoever.

We would be honored to recognize your outstanding service with other contributors in our community who are also supporting this vital cause. I am happy to answer any questions you might have, as well as arrange agreeable terms and conditions in helping to place a qualified senior in one of your available units, now or in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.