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Our marketing program is a unique action plan, which encompasses many areas of property promotion.  For every property that is offered for sale, there are a limited number of potential buyers. The number of buyers becomes even more limited as the price of the investment approaches what is considered “THE MARKET". 

It is our strong belief that to obtain the highest price, a competitive atmosphere needs to be created whereby qualified buyers are put in controlled competition with each other.  It is our further belief that Media Realty & Advisors are in a unique position to accomplish this goal for you.

Our plan ensures that all qualified prospects have been provided to accurate information about your property, ensuring that you receive the best possible price from a qualified buyer who will cooperate with us in helping you accomplish your goals.

Our Commitment to Market Information requires Media Realty to conduct market surveys that can provide an accurate estimate of a property’s current value. A comparison of the market areas served by the firm enables an investor to assess the desirability of moving equities from one market to another in order to take advantage of local cycles.